Idea Board

Do you want to learn how to use Twitter in your classroom? Ask and you might receive. Do you want to teach other how you’ve used games in your classroom? List your ideas below to interest other attendees in visiting your session.

What would you like to learn? What would like to present? Share your thoughts below. Hopefully we can generate a list of exciting ideas that will help us create a more meaningful Edcamp for you.

Current Idea Board

Genius Time – Who’s using it and how’s it working? How can we help kids make thoughtful choices for projects and use their time wisely?
The use and abuse of high-stakes testing. What can we do as teachers to make a difference in the future of this ‘educational’ tool?
“Make something that does something” – Four technologies that immerse children in STE(A)M learning
 Twitter 101 and Beyond – How to use social media to improve your teaching
 Stewardship & Sustainability – Teaching to promote these in the classroom
 3D Printers – How to combine them with your teaching.  Sovereign Air will also have a table set up all day for you to explore.

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